Getting There Fast

Going Everywhere - by Andrew Ellard

14 October, 2005

Well, yeah, this is quite a list, but despite the fact there are only about three people who are really interested in chapter points, we're posting it anyway. You'll cope.

Aside from the eight regular episodes for Series VII, we also have to include the three Xtended episodes and Identity Within, the 45-minute 'lost episode'. (What the smeg are we going to call it once the DVD is released and it's officially no longer 'lost'?! Anyway click here for our exclusive clip of the final product.)

Here's the breakdown, we'll be back once you've scrolled down. And if you need a break on the journey, have a quick click of the additional menu screens on display.

Tikka to Ride
  1. Lister's Journal
  2. Titles
  3. The Curry Supplies
  4. Switching Chips
  5. Arrival in Dallas
  6. Consequences
  7. Campfire Meal
  8. John F. Kennedy
  9. Credits
Stoke Me a Clipper
  1. Ace Rimmer
  2. Titles
  3. Getting Medieval
  4. Ace Arrives
  5. The Legend
  6. Training
  7. Rising to the Challenge
  8. Farewell to Rimmer
  9. Credits

Series VII DVD MenusSeries VII DVD Menus

  1. The Aigburth Arms
  2. Wibbly Thing
  3. Three Million Years Earlier
  4. Stranded On Starbug
  5. Jealous Mode
  6. Saying Goodbye
  7. Rescuing Destiny
  8. Aigburth Arms - Reprise
  9. Credits
Duct Soup
  1. Restless Nights
  2. Princess Leia
  3. Laundry Night
  4. The Bath
  5. Claustrophobia
  6. Boy is it Cramped
  7. What's That Noise...?
  8. Surf's Up!
  9. Credits

  1. Titles
  2. Cleaning Up
  3. Into the Comet
  4. Remembering Rimmer
  5. The Kiss
  6. Dream Analysis
  7. The Rimmer Experience
  8. Munchkin Song
  9. Credits
Beyond a Joke
  1. Titles
  2. Anniversary Dinner
  3. Jane Austen World
  4. Brown Ketchup?!
  5. Cat In GELF's Clothing
  6. Able
  7. Nega Drive
  8. Able's Redemption
  9. Credits

Series VII DVD MenusSeries VII DVD Menus

  1. Titles
  2. Iceberg In Space
  3. The Leviathan
  4. Caroline Carmen
  5. Meet Epideme
  6. Barbecue Wings
  7. Suicide Mission
  8. Final Solution
  9. Credits - To Be Continued
  1. Previously.../Titles
  2. One Arm Band
  3. Molly Coddling
  4. A New Arm
  5. Back to the Red
  6. Holly Returns
  7. Laundry Basket
  8. We Got a Problem...
  9. Credits

Tikka to Ride - Xtended
  1. Lister's Journal
  2. Titles
  3. The Curry Supplies
  4. Switching Chips
  5. Arrival in Dallas
  6. Consequences
  7. Campfire Meal
  8. John F. Kennedy
  9. Credits
Ouroboros - Xtended
  1. Titles
  2. The Aigburth Arms
  3. Wibbly Thing
  4. Three Million Years Earlier
  5. Stranded On Starbug
  6. Jealous Mode
  7. Saying Goodbye
  8. Rescuing Destiny
  9. Credits

Series VII DVD MenusSeries VII DVD Menus

Duct Soup - Xtended
  • Titles
  • Restless Nights
  • Laundry Night
  • The Bath
  • Claustrophobia
  • Boy Is It Cramped
  • What's That Noise...?
  • Surf's Up!
  • Credits
  • Identity Within
    1. Medical Alert
    2. Dominos
    3. The Gates
    4. Ora
    5. Mission In-puss-ible
    6. Gambling
    7. Auction
    8. Feline Farewell
    9. Credits

    I know, I know, it's about as exciting as a colour supplement detailing the complete history of plaid - but in the years to come, as you hunt through episodes in search of a key scene, shot or quote, good chaptering will make all the difference between a quick and easy search and a load of tedious rewinding and fast-forwarding that just drags you back to the days of VHS.

    It's also worth noting that Red Dwarf remains atypical among TV shows in its rigid commitment to making the opening titles skip-able. Sure, it may not sound like much - but you'd be astounded by the number of DVDs which have failed to include this obvious-seeming choice to skip a theme tune you've already heard five times.

    Series VII DVD Menus

    Those of you paying attention at the back may also have noticed from our item on the Series VII Menus that our two-pairs-of-four chapter select screens have always included a 'Play Episode' button to compensate for 'chapter one' not being shown.

    Well, chapter one has always, traditionally, been the opening titles. With Series VII this is no longer always the case. Tikka to Ride, Stoke Me a Clipper and Nanarchy all have pre-credits sequences of one kind or another, and Ouroboros and Duct Soup as-broadcast have no titles at all thanks to their tight running times. Which leaves only three episodes that would suit our previous menu system!

    So from now on - with titles often either non-existent, or actually located at chapter two - chapter one gets its own home in the eight-icon selection menu. Instead, the closing credits won't be listed - though they'll still be skip-to-able with your remote by just jumping on from chapter eight.

    Got that? No? Then go back and read it again.

    Finally, as a reward for hanging around through this entire item, here's a bit of news on the music cues for Series VII. We were surprised to discover some key holes in the tapes available for the series - plucked from storage, three pieces in particular were missing: The Tikka to Ride assassination score, Ace Rimmer's opening adventure music, and the death of Ace Rimmer piece that accompanied his burial casket through space.

    Significant problems ahoy! Some things wouldn't be noticed if left absent, but not these. No way. In two cases we were extraordinarily lucky - the Ace Rimmer pieces were readily available from Howard Goodall's website! - but what of that vital section of Tikka music?

    Well, it turns out that Howard didn't compose the scene's music used in the final episode! That entire sequence was accompanied by a beautifully-incorporated library track - Target Imminent by Alan Hawkshaw.

    Series VII DVD Menus

    Howard's alternative version - which endeavours to tie the Kennedy plotline with Lister's curry hunt by use of more Indian-sounding instruments - will be available on the new DVD from November 7th. Though we wish someone would have mentioned this whole business when we were editing Settling the Score...!

    Still to come - menus, extras and the whole shebang for Series VIII. But in the coming weeks expect a full rundown of Series VII deleted scenes, the international DVD covers, and something of an online surprise - you'll know it when you see it.

    More DVD details will follow soon...

    Region Location Series Date
    2 UK/Europe VII November 7, 2005
    1 America VII January 10, 2006
    4 Australasia VII December 1, 2005
    2 UK/Europe VIII February 27, 2006
    1 America VIII May 2, 2006
    4 Australasia VIII February/March 2006

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