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Series VII Screens - by Andrew Ellard

16 September, 2005

So here we are, thrust once more aboard the crashed Starbug, as the DVD menus for Series VII are completed. Once again the lighting's been through a bit of a change and the sets have been redecorated to better represent the series - and how delightful they are.

As the map below shows, it's been a much more involved task for authoring house Deluxe Digital. How lucky we are to have such an illustrious team on the job. Three discs this time, so it's not just the additional sophistication of multi-angled FX shots and densely-packed DVDs, it's also the sheer volume of work.

Menu Map

As ever, we've been done proud. The camera enters the Bug and wanders into the mid-section, sneaking a glance at the galley on the way past (complete with ready-cooked lobster). The episode selections once again reside in cockpit, with the scenes laid out on our newly-configured central console, adorned with the rotting arm of Caroline Carmen. Lovely.

Up the stairs and into the sleeping quarters you'll find the bonus material, again represented by two screens of items culled from the series. Epideme's projector will lead you to behind the scenes footage and Kryten's spare heads go to the various FX footage compilations. The time drive appropriately houses the deleted scenes, the toilet paper the smeg ups...and so on.

So - do you think you've spotted where our Easter Eggs might be hiding? A lot of obvious-looking red herrings have been thrown in this time, and with three discs to explore it'll certainly pass the time. Will you embark on a voyage of discovery... or just wait until the directions get posted on the net?

In other news, the Region 1/USA release date for Series VII will be January 10th. The surprise there, aside from being much earlier than before, is that the date will be separate from the Series VIII release. Typically, Region 1 have released the series in pairs - but because these are three-disc sets, it was felt wiser to separate the two. Shocking!

More DVD Details will follow soon...

The upcoming Red Dwarf DVD releases are as follows:

Region Location Series Date
2 UK/Europe VII November 7, 2005
1 America VII January 10, 2006
4 Australasia VII November, 2005
2 UK/Europe VIII February 2006
1 America VIII February/March 2006
4 Australasia VIII February 2006

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