Content Confirmed

Series VII Bonus Material

19 August, 2005

The seventh Red Dwarf DVD release is slated for November 7th. It is, by far, our most ambitious to date - both in terms of content, and in terms of the discs themselves. Authoring house Deluxe Digital have described it as their most complex job ever - not just on Dwarf, but any DVD. It's a release to be proud of, and it seems to have come round so quickly!

Recording the cast commentary

Disc 1

Tikka to Ride, Stoke Me A Clipper and Ouroboros. All appear as broadcast in 1997.

Xtended Episodes
Tikka to Ride and Ouroboros can also be played in their longer versions, with additional scenes and no audience laugh track.

Tikka to Ride: Remastered
See how the Series VII CGI effects should have looked. Available on both original and Xtended versions of the episode.

Cast Commentary
Featuring Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn and Chloë Annett. Commentaries appear on Xtended versions where available.

Identity Within
The 'lost' episode of Red Dwarf by John McKay, presented in storyboard form and performed by Chris Barrie.

Storyboard from Identity Within

Disc 2

Duct Soup, Blue, Beyond a Joke, Epideme and Nanarchy. All appear as broadcast in 1997.

Xtended Episode
Duct Soup can also be played in its longer version, with additional scenes and no audience laugh track.

Cast Commentary
Featuring Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn and Chloë Annett - plus Norman Lovett. Commentaries appear on Xtended versions where available.

Fan Films
Two competition-winning shorts made by Red Dwarf fans. With introduction by Doug Naylor.

Content Confirmed

Disc 3

"Back From The Dead" Original Documentary
A 90-minute look at the making of Series VII, featuring cast and crew interviews plus never-before-seen footage.

Deleted Scenes
Over 40 minutes of deleted and extended moments.

Smeg Ups
A compilation of outtakes and fluffs.

The almost-lost Series VII trailer taken from a home VHS recording, plus Kryten introductions for the Xtended episodes and 10th Anniversary Smeg Ups broadcast. (Also featuring Rimmer and Lister and recorded alongside the Xtended ending to Tikka to Ride.)

Behind the Scenes
Robert Llewellyn's on-set video diary, plus the BBC's How Do They Do That? programme visits the effects department.

Raw FX Footage
A compilation of filmed model FX and CGI created by both the BBC and Chris Veale.

"Burning Rubber" Featurette
Those boys can crash any vehicle you give them... (Featuring the song 'Buck Rogers' by Feeder.)

"Dave Hollins" Radio Sketch
A chance to hear two of the original Son of Cliché radio sketches that led to the creation of Red Dwarf.

Isolated Music Cues
Instant access to the various elements of Howard Goodall's Series VII score.

Photo Gallery
A massive collection of production images and artwork.

Link to the official website. Um - which would be this one.

English subtitles for episodes and extras.

Easter Eggs
Several bonus extras are hidden within the DVD menus - can you find them all?

Ace Rimmer in Blue

Once again, aside from the 'biggies' - Identity Within, Back From the Dead and the newly remastered Tikka to Ride - we're taking the chance to include some choice tit-bits that might otherwise vanish into the ether. Things like Kryten's introductions often become lost in the mists of time, and DVD gives us a chance to create something of a historical archive.

It's pretty rare for the discs to include sections of other shows, though - and in that respect How Do They Do That? is a relative rarity. For those unfamiliar with the clip, it reveals how some of the miniature and model effects were created for the seventh series, with interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. Lengthy clips from a non-GNP programme are generally too costly to include, but we stretched it in this case, as the chance to see Peter Wragg and his team working their magic was worth every penny.

Ace Rimmer in Blue

In the weeks between now and November we'll be bringing you news on the menus and packaging, plus further info on deleted scenes, music cues and chapter points. You can find more details on the cast and crew interviews, deleted scenes, remastering and other elements in previous DVD Details instalments. The links are just over there, in the margin. Go ahead, we'll wait.

More DVD Details will follow soon...

The upcoming Red Dwarf DVD releases are as follows:

Region Location Series Date
2 UK/Europe VII November 7, 2005
1 America VII February/March 2006
4 Australasia VII November 2005
2 UK/Europe VIII February 2006
1 America VIII February/March 2006
4 Australasia VIII February 2006

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