Final Comments

Last Two Commentaries - by Andrew Ellard

8 April, 2005

At our new (and fabulous) facility of Metropolis in Chiswick, the cast of Red Dwarf gathered on April 4th and 5th to record, with a hint of sadness, the final two DVD commentaries.

Final Comments

Over the two days we were visited by Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn, Chloë Annett, Norman Lovett and Mac McDonald - and with the interviews already put to bed, this really did feel like the beginning of the end for our four-year production.

As you'd expect, getting these old friends together one more time, there was much to talk about both inside the booth and out. Craig's appearance in The Games was a biggie, especially as the actor had fled Sheffield only that Monday morning to be with us, but everything from 'crap gigs I have done' to the new Dr Who were covered.

There was also a 'who's had the longest, hardest journey for a production' conversation between Craig, Robert and Chris which rapidly evolved a certain one-upmanship akin to the classic Four Yorkshiremen sketch. ("I had to get on a dilapidated plane, carry the crew's gear across the runway, cycle up a volcano to get to the hotel and assemble my own bed using a Polish instruction manual...")

Final Comments

Still - what a great two days. Newcomer Chloë, who had actually - gasp - done her research, hit full schoolteacher mode, keeping the boys in line whenever the topic strayed. (And with a Liverpool match scheduled for the Tuesday night, it did tend to happen!) Though even the lady herself could be distracted - especially when it came to the subject of her hair.

The others were equally effusive, and some all new running gags evolved through each series run - plus some rather more traditional digs at the expensive of Norman's charming face, Danny's dress sense, Chris's parting and Craig's fitness levels. Robert also faced stiff interrogation throughout the episode he co-wrote for Series VII, Beyond a Joke.

But who spoke when? With 16 episodes and a varying 'main cast', there was a little game of musical chairs going on. Chris Barrie saw out all his episodes of VII and VIII, but also stayed in the booth for Duct Soup and Beyond a Joke, providing an interesting (and often hilarious) perspective on episodes with all his mates in.

Final Comments

Norman Lovett and Mac McDonald chatted their way through the whole of Series VIII(though Mac stepped out of Krytie TV, which he's not in), and Norman also showed up for a brief half-hour day (well it would have been, we kinda kept him waiting for a while) so he could contribute to his big return in Nanarchy.

So, a fuller house than usual - seven in a room at its peak. It's at times like this that you become glad each of the guys has a strong and independent voice. Danny doesn't sound like Craig, who doesn't sound like Robert. And Mac (being the only American) and Chloë (being the only girl) differ from everybody.

It's a long way until the November and February release dates, but already there's a feeling that this is the beginning of the end. The last two series on DVD. But we still have a hell of a ride ahead of us - and plenty more surprises on store.

More DVD Details will follow soon...

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