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Series V Extras - by Andrew Ellard

6 August, 2004

For those of you keeping track at home, most of the list below will come as no surprise at all. For those not keeping track... got something better to do, have you?

Red Dwarf V on DVD is another step forward for the production, surpassing even the massively successful Series III and IV. The November 8th release has us all jolly excited - and here's why.

Cast Commentary
Featuring Chris Barrie, Hattie Hayridge Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn.
Fan Commentary - Back to Reality
Fans Ruth Latchford, Jason Mercer, Claire Thompson and Simon Wigg join DVD Associate Producer Andrew Ellard for a special bonus commentary.
"Heavy Science" Original Documentary
A 75-minute look at the making of Series V, featuring interviews with cast and crew plus never-before-seen footage from the set.
Deleted Scenes
Over 40 minutes of deleted and extended moments.
Smeg Ups
A compilation of outtakes and fluffs.
"Dwarfing USA" Original Documentary
The inside story of the making of the American Red Dwarf pilot.
"Bad Guys" Featurette
And you thought Lister was bad...
The SFX of Red Dwarf V
BBC Vis-FX's Mike Tucker (who also provides commentary) presents his video footage of the team's work on this demanding series.
Trailers, Idents and Episode Intro
Original series trailers have been recovered from home VHS collections. Also featuring Lister's 'Best Ever Episode' introduction shown in 1996 and the BBC2 'Skutter' channel idents from 1998's Red Dwarf Night.
Raw FX Footage
A compilation of model effects footage from the original 35mm film.
Isolated Music Cues
Instant access to the various elements of Series V's music score.
"Dave Hollins" Radio Sketch
A chance to hear one of the original Son of Cliché radio sketches that led to the creation of Red Dwarf.
Photo Gallery
A massive collection of production images and artwork.
Link to the official website - which includes a production diary for this very DVD.
English subtitles for episodes and extras.
Easter Eggs
Several bonus extras will be hidden within the DVD menus - can you find them all?

The major news is the inclusion of Dwarfing USA in which the Series V cast, along with co-creator Doug Naylor, discuss the failed American pilot. Between Doug's remarkable candour and Robert Llewellyn's unique perspective as the one UK cast member to make the transfer, this has become one of the most fascinating pieces of the Series V DVD puzzle.

For anyone wondering about a comment made a while back suggesting that we'd be getting Craig Charles in for some special recording... well, things have changed. Despite Craig's keenness to return to the studio and make up for his absence from the commentary track (due to illness on the recording day), we've elected to spend the studio money elsewhere... aiming to secure the rights to clips from Red Dwarf USA to include in the documentary - BBC Worldwide are on the case and we should have more details soon.

For the first time on DVD, fans will be able to see what all the fuss is about. And while it's unlikely that the full pilot and promo (which you can read more about here) will ever get a release, these key snippets should prove most enlightening.

Stay tuned for the full cover art, DVD menu shots and much, much more in the coming weeks.

More DVD Details will follow soon?

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