Return To Laredo

Moseying Back - by Andrew Ellard

28 May, 2004

It was with a certain excitement that Red Dwarf returned to cowboy town Laredo on March 20th, 2004 to shoot a featurette for the Series VI DVD. This was, after all, the location that made Gunmen of the Apocalypse possible - an episode which would go on to win the international Emmy award. We even took the Emmy along with us for good luck.

Return To Laredo

Defying the wild winds of Kent, our small crew - supervised by producer Helen Norman, BBC producer Ross McGinley and myself as director - crossed muddy fields to arrive in a bizarre out-of-time world. Laredo really is as peculiar and wondrous as you'd expect. This isn't a theme-park town - this is the old west... it just happens to be located just minutes from Brands Hatch racing circuit.

Warmly greeted by town stalwarts Cole and Hoss - I never caught their real names - we shot footage of the town until the (early) arrival of Robert Llewellyn, your guide for Return to Laredo. Robert immediately got into the swing of things, even affecting a cowboy gait, as he reminisced to camera about the Gunmen shoot and interviewed the guys who quite literally "put this place on the map."

Along with Howard Goodall: Settling the Score, this featurette will make the Series VI release in February '05 a significant step up from previous releases - and there's more to come!

More DVD Details will follow soon...

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