To The Point

Final Chapters - by Andrew Ellard

23 January, 2004

So we come to the Series IVChapter Points. Okay, maybe not quite the fanfare affair that new menu designs or interviews have become, but nevertheless an essential part of the DVD make-up.

To The Point

You all know the score by now. Each episode gets separated into nine chapters, with the first accessible on the menu from the 'Play Episode' button - the rest appear as moving 'Polaroids' tacked inside the crew lockers. Once again, it's a list created by collaboration - BBC Worldwide and Grant Naylor approaching from different angles to make sure it's as user-friendly as possible. Every classic scene has, as far as humanly possible, been given its own link, each one named in a way that should remind viewers of the content?without blowing the plot twists!

To The Point

1. Titles
2. Learning To Lie
3. Hammy Hamster
4. Camille
5. Examination
6. Two Cats
7. Heartbreaker
8. We'll Always Have Parrots
9. End Titles

1. Titles
2. First Contact
3. DNA Modifier
4. Double Polaroid
5. Fellow Humans
6. Droid Rot
7. Curry Monster
8. Man-Plus
9. End Titles

To The Point

1. Titles
2. Space Mumps
3. Barbra Bellini
4. Gunge
5. Justice World
6. 9000 Years
7. The Appeal
8. The Simulant
9. End Titles

To The Point

White Hole
1. Titles
2. Talkie Toaster
3. Computer Senility
4. No Sounds
5. Using Your Head
6. Survival
7. What Is It?
8. Pool With Planets
9. End Titles

Dimension Jump
1. Titles
2. Ace In The Making
3. Rubber Shares
4. Gone Fishing
5. Front Seat Driver
6. Introducing Ace
7. Ace and Skipper
8. Old Boy Network
9. End Titles - Hammond Organ

To The Point

1. Titles
2. Matter Paddle
3. Arrivals
4. Winnie The Pooh
5. The Good Guys
6. Caligula
7. Inspection
8. Waxwar
9. End Titles - Elvis

Okay, it's not the most exciting aspect of production. Even for those who were checking, in detail, the props and set decorations in the animated menus - "a light bee! That's a light bee on the counter! And the skutter's holding a balloon!" - this might all seem a little anticlimactic. But dammit, this stuff matters, and if we have to do it, you have to read about it. So there.

Oh, and while I'm on, the Collector's Booklet for Series IV looks like... well, like the pictures shown here. Next week's update, the deleted scene list, will be far more thrilling - promise.

To The Point To The Point

Region Location Series Date
Region 1 America III & IV February 3rd
Region 2 Europe IV February 16th
Region 4 Australasia IV March 10th

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