Five's Up

Series V arrives on UK.TV in Australia.

19 September, 2003

It's time to head Back to Reality, place yourself in Quarantine and calm your Demons and Angels. And at this point we pause to realise we've run out of Series V-related wordplay - but still, Series V kicks off with Holoship on Saturday, September 27th at 8.30pm. The Sunday repeat is scheduled at 11.30pm. Expect the rest to follow at similar times.

Five's Up

Over here, UK Gold will be starting Series II with Kryten on Saturday 27th September at 12:30am. On terrestrial, BBC2 have once again halted their Thursday night repeats for the world spitball contest or something. The nights of the 18th and 25th are currently affected.

It's more interesting on BBC Kids in Canada, as their weekend Dwarf slot hits the second series as well - starting 12.30am on Saturday, September 27th and continuing at the same time on Sunday with Better Than Life. Both episodes also have 3am repeats. But BBC Kids also has a five-days-a-week Dwarf slot, which, on the 18th at the same late time will be commencing Series III. Make sure you don't watch the shows, um, Backwards. (Yeah, okay, we've worn that one into the ground now.)

You can get UK, USA, Australia and Canada TV listings from the Dwarf Tracker.

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