More Repeats

Once again in the late-night slot, Red Dwarf III returns to BBC2.

8 August, 2003

As the second series draws to a close on BBC2 - complete with cliffhanger as Dave Lister discovers that he's pregnant - the channel will be continuing immediately with Series III. (You may want to video episode one to catch the super-fast resolution to the hanging storyline, by the way. Or else reserve your copy now at the Red Dwarf Shop.)

More Repeats

Currently in the 11.50pm slot, the planned dates for broadcast are as follows:

Episode Broadcast Dates
Backwards 21st August
Marooned 28th August
Polymorph 18th September
Bodyswap 25th September
Timeslides 2nd October
The Last Day 9th October

Obviously, all dates are subject to change and emergency news reports from Groovy Channel 27 - and the observant will have noticed a distinct fortnight-shaped gap between episodes two and three. We think it's time dilation, the result of BBC2 being too close to a white hole, but can't be sure.

Meanwhile, Australian channel UK.TV is kicking off another run of Series IV on August 16th. You can find full listings for the month in the Dwarf Tracker.

Go behind the scenes on Series III, or check out the classic Dwarf moments in our Episode Guide.

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