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Series III's Extras - by Andrew Ellard

1 August, 2003

Last time I had to compile a list like this, it was for the Series II DVD. We were, I have to tell you, feeling pretty good about that collection of extras. 90 minutes of stuff, stocked to the gills, didn't we do well?

As the sales and reviews testify, we did a pretty decent job there. We're two of the top five best-selling DVDs BBC Worldwide have ever released. (If I didn't like The Office so much I'd probably be less pleased that they topped us!)

90 minutes? Pah! Check out the list of Series III goodies - a set of extras that should take our total time to over the three hour mark...

Cast Commentary Featuring Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn and Hattie Hayridge.
All Change A brand new, episode-by-episode documentary charting in-depth the making of Red Dwarf III.
Deleted Scenes Over 20 minutes of cut footage from Series III.
Smeg Ups A compilation of outtakes and fluffs.
Hattie's DJ Diary Hattie Hayridge's personal journey through the weirdness of 2003's Red Dwarf Fan Club Weekend.
Building a Better Universe A tribute to the late Mel Bibby, Red Dwarf's genius production designer.
"Food" Featurette Killer kebabs and curry monsters - it's a wonder Lister ever dares to open the fridge.
Backwards - Forwards The entire episode played in reverse - complete with chapter points for those key sdrawkcab moments.
Trailers Two trailers for the show, now only archived by dedicated fans on VHS and retrieved for this DVD.
Special Effects Footage A compilation of raw effects footage.
Isolated Music Cues Instant access to the various elements of Red Dwarf III's music score.
Talking Book Chapters Selected sections of the books which delve even deeper into ideas from the series.
Photo Gallery A mighty collection of production, effects and behind-the-scenes images.
Weblink Link to the official website.
Subtitles Episode subtitles in, well, English.
Easter Eggs Three bonus extras are hidden within the DVD menus - can you find them all?

Short of giving away a kitchen sink with every pack - and we are including a collector's booklet once again - this two-disc set is as good a TV series release as you'll find anywhere. We're unashamedly proud of this set - which, short of an apocalypse, shouldn't change between now and release - and we hope the fans are going to be pleased with the results.

So what's next? It's a strange time for sure. The BBC require delivery this early for authoring and testing, and the menus and content have to be prepared for the USA as well as the UK. Not that this leaves us thumb-twiddling - animated menus, booklets, cover art... there's still plenty to do. will also update with more details on the Series III release - deleted scene lists, chapter points, etc. etc. All this before I've even mentioned Series IV!

More DVD Details will follow soon.

You can pre-order the Red Dwarf III DVD from the Red Dwarf Shop.

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