Simulants' Revenge

The brand new online Arcade is opening soon - plus a game for your mobile phone!

20 June, 2003

Fans everywhere can now access our brand spanking new Arcade section thanks to the folks at Blue Beck. Coming soon we'll have a host of games to play online, but Monday, June 23rd sees the arrival of Simulants' Revenge...

STOP PRESS: Simulants' Revenge - as well as an incredible array of phone logos - is now available for immediate telephone purchase from the Arcade section.

Simulants' Revenge

Starbug has drifted back into a simulant hunting zone. They hate humans - and Lister just about qualifies...

The Dwarfers killed their revered leader. A simulant who brought countless victories, and who practically invented the double-eyebrow look. Now they want revenge - and they've brought bigger weapons.

But the sims have forgotten that they upgraded Starbug. Better engines, laser cannons, and the seat tilt doesn't squeak any more. They may have engineered their own downfall...

Ruthless killers? Yes.

Tactical geniuses? Not so much.

Simulants' Revenge

Pilot Starbug through hazardous situations and deadly environments, wiping out simulants, obliterating GELFs and occasionally getting not-so-helpful advice from Rimmer, Holly, Cat and the rest. It is, quite literally, a blast.

You'll be able to snap up the game on release on Monday by following the simple instructions on the site. Simulants' Revenge is currently only available to UK-based gamers, but hopes are high for international distribution to be available shortly.

Simulants' Revenge

The Arcade will also be packed with phone logos to download and, in time, probably ringtones too. But the best part is definitely the six games that will be available to play online, competing in high-score tables with Dwarfers everywhere. Mr Flibble already has his trigger-flipper ready!

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