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Recording Chaos - by Andrew Ellard

18 April, 2003

With Dimension Jump barely out of the way, the Red Dwarf III & IV cast were dragged up to Soho on Wednesday, April 9th and Friday, April 11th to record commentaries for the forthcoming DVDs.

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So, what's different this time? Well, Robert Llewellyn and Hattie Hayridge to name but two - this is the first time either actor has participated in the recordings. (Though I do remember one review complaining that Robert wasn't on the Series II track; which wouldn't have been great for the actor, given that he wasn't in the show at the time.)

Grant Naylor producer Helen Norman, with me tagging on in my associate producer role, joined BBC producer Ross McGinley on the outside of the goldfish bowl to watch Robert and Hattie - along with commentary veterans Chris Barrie, Craig Charles and Danny John-Jules - take a spacewalk down memory lane.

In between comparing mobile phones and discussing Kryten's fluctuating weight, the team knuckled down to what they do best - being funny. Though they didn't always wait for the recording to begin. With the sound recordist making sure everyone was comfortable in the booth, and that the sound levels were balanced, this exchange was pretty much inevitable:

Recordist: Is that position good for you, Chris?
Danny: Chris always does his voiceovers in the missionary.
Chris: I think we've found Danny's level...

Further Comment

And so on. While a rogue noise in their headphones delayed things at one point, it didn't stop the sillyness - Danny chose to add a beat, which Hattie felt ended up being, "a bit Rolf Harris." Danny could also be found eating his breakfast in the booth. I stuck to the bagels.

While these moments of lunacy won't appear on the final DVD, there's plenty more of the same to look forward to. Discussions include the reason why Lister is so often seen eating on-screen (it's Craig's lunch), Chris and Danny comparing hair partings, Robert's need for cue-cards, how Craig bruised his leg in Marooned, the time Danny and Rob Grant sang Xanadu on set, and just who went home with the rich Lister's peeing statue.

More DVD Details will follow soon...

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