DVD Details

Series III and IV - by Andrew Ellard

11 April, 2003

The first toes have been tentatively dipped in the DVD water for the next two series of Red Dwarf on DVD. Ew - soggy feet!

As recently reported, Series I has sold over 100,000 copies in the UK alone. Similar numbers for Series II are not far behind, and it's actually been selling faster than I. Word is getting out - and that's good for us all. Success of the first releases means a (slightly) better budget this time around!

DVD Details

But we'd be foolish to be complacent, and with the next two series we're hoping to improve on the first two series. Taking feedback from reviews - as well as the buzz on the Red Dwarf Webboard - we're all set to make these next releases even better than the first.

The first meeting with Deluxe Digital established how the menus for the new discs will work. After their sterling work on the first two series, we've elected to stick close to the established format, where viewers navigate through various Dwarf sets to find options. Expect the bunk and science rooms to put in an appearance in their revamped, Series III state, with the episode menus likely to be based around crew lockers in Starbug's hangar.

Also planned for the navigation are additional chapter points. Red Dwarf is a densely-packed show, and we've found that seven chapter points just weren't enough once two had been taken up with opening and closing titles. Two more have been added for Series III and IV, meaning that when you want to see Lister attacked by shrinking boxer shorts, you can be taken right there.

Finally, conversations about Easter Eggs have begun. Regarding their location, feedback on Series I and II was a little contradictory. Some fans found the Eggs in seconds, and couldn't believe we'd actually told people they were on there. Others posted messages on the net, unable to track down the hidden extras.

All of which means that we probably got them about right. Nevertheless, we're looking to have more Eggs this time around, and be just a little more cunning about their placement. No, no clues.

In the world of cover art, nobody who has the first discs will be surprised to learn that the matching spine logo will continue across all the covers, and that Series III will feature Starbug's hull in the background. (Images still available to download as wallpaper.) Series IV's background, meanwhile, is likely to come full circle and return to Red Dwarf.

As far as extras go, we're working on a bucketload of Dwarfy goodness. Commentaries, documentaries - based on brand new cast and crew interviews - and featurettes will build on what has gone before, and we'll be including more deleted scenes and smeg-ups, as well as adding some new things to the mix. Details will be released later in production, but Dimension Jump attendees will be aware that Hattie Hayridge had a camcorder about her person all weekend for Hattie's DJ Video Diary...

In the UK Series III & IV will be released in November '03 and February '04 respectively, with a similar pattern following in Australia. The USA should see a release for both in February '04. As ever, reddwarf.co.uk will be carrying a diary of the whole thing. Brace yourselves - here we go again!

More DVD Details will follow soon...

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