Animated Again

Series II Menus - by Andrew Ellard

10 January, 2003

Well, what can we say? In readiness for the February release, here we have a few screenshots showing the Series II animated menus in all their glory. (Click the four main images for a closer look.)

Animated AgainAnimated Again

The sharp of eye will have noticed that the menus follow the same basic design as Series I, with Drive Room and Bunk Room locations housing the main options. Set details have been altered to suit the second series, with post pod junk strewn around the place, and even the lighting has been given a subtle but noticeable tweak to bring it in line with the feel of the season.

Animated AgainAnimated Again

The scene/episode selection will again be located on a corridor of stasis booths. Fans who complain - as they did with the first disc - that the ship has only one or two booths will be summarily flushed into space and requested to obtain a life. And yes, there will be another hidden Easter Egg.

Animated Again Animated Again

Work will shortly begin on the next two series of Red Dwarf in preparation for a similar release pattern as before. Concepts for the next set of menus have been discussed with creative team Deluxe Digital, and rest assured that we'll be following all the progress on

More DVD Details will follow soon...

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