Covers Complete

The New Look - by Andrew Ellard

18 October, 2002

Here we go - the final cover art for Red Dwarf Series I is in. As covered previously in DVD Details, the concept behind the new design has been to get away from the old black starscapes and move toward something more vivid and striking.

Covers Complete

The cover will slip inside a conventional plastic case (click the image to the left) - several of the team have become very annoyed with cardboard cases that don't fit on a regular DVD rack! - and the Dwarf logo will be foiled in silver. The hull image was created by Chris Veale, the show's CGI effects artist.

Despite being a thing of beauty all by itself, the cover is designed to be joined by the seven further series, creating a full version of the Red Dwarf logo down the spines. Series II's cover art will be based on Blue Midget, and series III on Starbug - after that?well, maybe we'll start all over again with the crimson short one. The rear image of Lister painting will be altered from red to suit the colour of each ship.

But if you ever hanker nostalgically for the old-style starscape covers, never fear - the image gallery on the DVD contains, along with stills from the series, the cover art from the Australian, British and American video covers!

More DVD Details will follow soon...

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