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11 January, 2002

As stated before Christmas, the current whisper from Mr Flibble's secret contact is that Red Dwarf is going to get a full run on its home channel, BBC2. It's likely that the show will hit screens in May.

TV News Update TV News Update

In the meantime, satellite-friendly fans can pick up the show on UK Gold - where a fresh run of double-bills began at 9pm on Monday, January 7th with repeats in the Tuesday early hours - and Network 2, where series IV concludes on Friday, January 11th, with V following hotly on its heels.

Fans in Australia will have to wait a couple of months, but following the success of their New Year 'Dwarf marathon, UKTV has plans to carry the entire series in March. But America continues to run Red Dwarf every which way it can. PBS stations across the country continue to run the show, with satellite channel BBC America also joining in with series II just started (Thursday, January 10th) in the usual 4.20am slot, Tuesday through Friday.

You can find web links and USA listings in the Dwarf Tracker.

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