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The very latest on Red Dwarf - The Movie emerges from the Fan Club's exclusive interview.

13 July, 2001

Red Dwarf - The Movie continues to be developed under a veil of secrecy, but a few details - and even more rumours - have slipped through. In his first major interview since the success of series VIII, Doug Naylor granted the exclusive on the first emerging details of the movie to The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club's magazine, Better Than Life.

Doug Naylor

Members of the club were told of the film's £18-19million budget and the challenges of writing for film rather than television. Doug also reported the departure of co-director Ed Bye from the project, "Sadly, Ed's decided he couldn't be involved, and I'm directing it on my own," but reassured fans that he was prepared for this eventuality having seen the box-office success of the Kevin and Perry film.

The biggest revelation is that film will not follow on from where the last series left off. Rather than attempt to resolve such a huge cliffhanger in Red Dwarf's first cinematic outing, the film will stand alone. "It's a complete story unto itself," Doug told BTL. "The story begins before the series started, and then goes off in a direction that the series didn't go off on. So it's set up and then has it's own story, complete in itself, whilst still being able to assemble the cast that we know and love."

Doug also laid to rest bizarre - and extremely premature - rumours of an already-planned, Star Wars-style Red Dwarf trilogy: "I mean - woah!! The first one needs to be a really big hit before we talk about a sequel. We all know how difficult sequels are... But obviously if the first one were a big hit, I'm sure I'd love to make a second one, and so would the guys."

Other revelations included an insistence that the film's score will definitely feature versions of the famous Red Dwarf theme, but soundtrack songs are also planned; and that a 'never say never' policy exists for any further TV outings - as well as a conclusion to that cliffhanger (which could be explored in other media).

Doug also revealed that this very site will be carrying an online 'Making of Red Dwarf - The Movie'. It's true, you know; and we're thrilled to bits about it!

To join the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club and pick up the latest issue of BTL - complete with the full Doug Naylor interview - check out the details in the Officers' Club, or visit their website via our Links section.

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