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New details are released concerning the shooting of Red Dwarf - The Movie.

11 May, 2001

Right now the Red Dwarf movie is still in the pre-pre-production phase, with storyboard artist Jim Cornish working from a director's shot list while the remaining crew members are assembled for what may be the most ambitious shoot ever undertaken by a British movie.

Latest Movie Dates

Pre-production proper is due to begin later this month, with the usual rehearsals running alongside the design and construction phase. Shooting is now expected to commence in September for three months, leaving plenty of time for the lengthy post-production process required for such a complex film.

Whilst a release date has yet to be announced, current plans see the movie arriving in the summer of 2002. With new Star Wars, Matrix and Star Trek episodes also due out around the same time, Red Dwarf - The Movie has one trump card to play: of all the major SF movies, it's the only non-sequel!

Meanwhile, at Shepperton Studios, Patricia Carr - the movie's co-producer - has taken up residence in her office. Patricia has a long history on some of the best and most successful films ever made, including the Indiana Jones and Star Wars trilogies, not to mention The Mummy. A more experienced producer in SF, effects and franchise cinema would be hard to find!

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