Smegging Difficult Quotes Quiz II

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Smegging Difficult Quotes Quiz II

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What About The Insult?

Which episodes featured the following bon mots?

1. "Stop your foul whining, you filthy piece of distended rectum!"
Confidence & Paranoia
Thanks for the Memory
Stasis Leak

2. "Rimmer, you've got a longer yellow streak than a stampede of diarrhoetic camels."
Gunmen of the Apocalypse

3. "You pregnant baboon-bellied space beatnik!"
Waiting for God
Future Echoes

4. "You are the most obnoxious, trumped up, farty little smeghead it has ever been my misfortune to encounter!"
White Hole
The Last Day

I've Started, So I'll Finish

Simply complete the line!

5. "An excellent and inventive suggestion, sir, with just two tiny drawbacks: a) We don't have any jet-powered rocket pants; and b) there's no such thing as jet-powered rocket pants outside the fictional serial..."
"... Johnny Jet Pants"
"... Robbie Rocket Pants"
"... Freddy Flying Pants"
"... Terry Thunder Pants"

6. "Mickey Mouse? We ain't even..."
"... Donald Duck"
"... Bugs Bunny"
"... Betty Boop"
"... Wilma Flintstone"

7. "So, if you'll forgive the confrontational imperative, go for your guns, you..."
"... scum-sucking molluscs"
"... yellow-bellied rattlesnakes"
"... grass-bellied varmints"
"... lead-footed bottom-feeders"

8. "Mi esperas ke kiam ve venos la vetero estas..."
"... milda"
"... hotelo"
"... kuiristo"
"... kokidajon"

Reference Jokes

Who are the real-life pop cultural figures being referred to in the following lines?

9. "It's better to have loved and lost, than to listen to an album by _______"
Simply Red
Bucks Fizz
Olivia Newton-John
Black Lace

10. "Only last month we came across a moon which was shaped exactly like __________'s bottom."
Barbara Windsor
Felicity Kendal
Suzi Quatro
Carol Vorderman

11. "Why don't you listen to something classical, like Mozart, Mendelssohn, or ________"
Meat Loaf

12. "I think you're going to like it, it's a perpetually looped tape of _________'s Tango Treats"
Reggie Dixon
Glenn Miller
James Last
Pat Boone

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Which characters spoke the following lines?

13. "You want to watch me do the double slit test, and experience the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics?"
Harmony de Gauttier
Hildegarde Lanstrom
Irene Edgington
Natalina Pushkin

14. "We're in search of lemons in general."

15. "So, and this probably sounds like a stupid question, you don't really have much interest in horse riding or ballet?"

16. "And we've been fighting this idiotic, futile war ever since."
Abraham Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Stan Laurel

Pot Luck

Four random teasers to round things off...

17. In which of these series is Lister not the first character to speak?
Series III
Series IV
Series V
Series VI

18. What is Robert Llewellyn's first line of dialogue as Kryten?
"Blue Midget is loaded"
"But sir, I'm just not ready"
"Just thought I'd give your quarters a quick tickle around, sir"
"Breakfast is served, sir"

19. Which of the following lines of dialogue from The End does not reappear in M-Corp?
"Lister, stop singing"
"Yes, sir, Rimmer"
"I'm only humming"
"Don't make any stupid sounds with your cheeks"

20. According to Balance of Power, how many words did Lister and Kochanski share before the accident?
149 words
173 words
264 words
378 words