Series X Quiz

How much attention were you paying to the latest series on Dave?

Series X Quiz

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Boys From The Dwarf

1. In The Beginning we learn that Rimmer's real father's profession is...?
Chicken soup machine repair man
Bank manager
Starship captain

2. Which holiday does Lister celebrate with himself every year?
Father's Day
Valentine's Day
The fifteenth Wednesday after Pentecost

3. What book is Cat using as a makeshift weevil-bashing device in Entangled?
Football: It's A Funny Old Game by Kevin Keegan
Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietszche
I Did It The Reich Way by Adolf Hitler
The Roots of Coincidence by Arthur Koestler

4. For whom does Jesus of Caesaria mistake Kryten?
A gladiator
His uncle
A Roman soldier
Herman Munster

Invited Guests

5. Who played a character in RDX that had previously been played in Series II by John Abineri?
Mark Dexter
Philip Labey
Simon Treves
Alex Hardy

6. Which RDX guest had previously appeared in Red Dwarf VI?
Gary Cady
Susan Earl
James Baxter
Steven Wickham

7. What was "Hogey the Roguey" Richard O'Callaghan's previous Red Dwarf role?
The Creator in Back to Earth
Brother Pestilence in Gunmen of the Apocalypse
The Simulant in Beyond a Joke
Birdman in Pete

8. Which Series X actor appeared in the film Superman IV alongside Captain Hollister, Mac McDonald?
Kerry Shale
Indira Joshi
Richard O'Callaghan
Bryan Bounds

Behind the Scenes

9. The Red Dwarf model that was re-sized for use in Series X was originally built for use in which series?
Series III
Series V
Series VII
Series VIII

10. Which member of the Red Dwarf X production team had not worked on the show before?
Howard Goodall
Howard Burden
Michael Ralph
Andrew Ellard

11. Which Torchwood alumnus served as the warmup act on some of Series X's recording dates?
Tom Price
Kai Owen
Paul Chequer
Matt Rippy

12. What was the original planned title of Trojan?
Brothers In Arms
Slow Rescue
Natural Born Rimmers

The Numbers Game

13. How many lemons did the gang need to power the Returner Remote?

14. In what year is the Swedish moose puzzle set?

15. How many "snack breaks" are included on Rimmer's Battleplan Timetable?

16. What "breast size" does Rimmer insist on choosing for Pree?


17. What is the correct sequence to disable the Groinal Exploder in Entangled?
Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta
Theta, Delta, Alpha, Beta
Delta, Beta, Theta, Gamma
Theta, Gamma, Delta, Beta

18. What book is Rimmer reading when Hogey beams aboard the ship?
Stupid But True! Volume 2
Sometimes You Have To Learn To Lose Before You're Ready To Win
The Space Corp Book of Military Strategy
How To Defeat An Army Of Russians Whilst Still Finding Time To Be The World's Greatest Golfer

19. What is the nickname of the "Taste of Asia" vending machine?
Asian Andy
Chinese Charlie
Malaysian Martin
Taiwan Tony

20. Which pig is Lister betting on at the beginning of Trojan?
Golden Boy
Tiny Dancer
Bacon Grease Lightning
Lord Snouty