Series VIII Quiz

How much do you know about Red Dwarf's final series?

Series VIII Quiz

Select one answer for each question, then hand your results in to Holly for your score!


1. How did Kochanski never expect to be seduced?
By the expression let's hit the springs
With the sexual magnetism virus
While being blind drunk
With predeterimism theory

2. With what implement did Lister give himself a scar on his forehead?
A knife
A fork
A pen
A screwdriver

3. What is the name of the software repair system used to restore Kryten's core personality?
The Droid Doctor
The Data Doctor
The Glitch Cleaner
The Robot Repairer

4. With whom did Rimmer swap jackets in order to prevent his predicted death?

All Aboard

5. On what deck has the remade Red Dwarf acquired a karaoke bar?
A Deck
B Deck
C Deck
D Deck

6. How many Blue Midgets are seen performing with Cat in the famous dance sequence?

7. On what vessel did the canaries discover the Time Drive?
SSS Silverberg
SS Einstein
SS Hermes
SS Manny Celeste

8. In which prison tower are Rimmer and Lister situated?
B Tower
C Tower
G Tower
P Tower

Guest Stars

9. Which of these Series I, episode 1 actors did not return for Series VIII?
Mac McDonald
Robert Bathurst
David Gillespie
Paul Bradley

10. Who played Cassandra?
Geraldine McEwan
Zoë Wannamaker
Juliet Stevenson
Julie Walters

11. What was name of the character played by Andy Taylor?
Dr Lucas McClaren
Doc Newton
M.P. Thornton
Warden Knot

12. In which of these comedy shows has 'Second Ground Controller' Jeillo Edwards not appeared?
The League of Gentlemen
Drop the Dead Donkey
Little Britain

Deleted Moments

13. With the Canaries entitled to conjugal visiting rights, what did Lister try to order from the guards?
Three blondes with loose morals and knicker-elastic
Twin sisters and a party pizza
Kristine Kochanski and a bottle of olive oil
A big fat woman with thighs the size of a hippo's

14. In a deleted scene from Back in the Red - Part 1, who manages to repair Holly's damaged CPU by entering a splitter code?
Doc Newton

15. How many potential endings were there for Only the Good??

16. What rank is Lister in Only the Good's mirror universe?
Systems Engineer
Catering Officer
First Mate
First Officer

Behind The Scenes

17. Which was the final episode of Series VIII recorded?
Back in the Red - Part 3
Krytie TV
Pete - Part 2
Only The Good...

18. Who provided the 'screensaver' animation for Back in the Red - Part 3?
The Three Bears
Mattes and Miniatures
Special FX GB
Chris Veale

19. Which Series VIII crew-member strapped on a Canary costume to appear as an extra?
Jo Bennett
Ed Bye
Christine Moses
Andrea Finch

20. Which convict character is credited in Cassandra despite not appearing in the final episode?
Big Meat
Kill Crazy
Blood Drinker