Series VII Quiz

Test your Dwarfian mettle with five rounds of taxing questions.

Series VII Quiz

Select one answer for each question, then hand your results in to Holly for your score!


1. Which on-board chef did Kochanski go back to after splitting up with Lister?

2. Which hair salon does Ace recommend to the Cat?
Space Snips
Curl Up and Dye
Teasy Weasy

3. What was Lister's childhood nickname?
Fat Boy
Lazy Boy

4. Which two characters suggest, during the series, that the crew 'catch some surf'?
Kryten & Cat
Lister & Cat
Lister & Kryten
Rimmer & Kochanski


5. Which episode of Series VII was co-written by a member of the cast?
Beyond a Joke

6. Which episode was originally titled Natural Born Rimmers?
Tikka to Ride
Stoke Me a Clipper

7. Which of these episodes does not include the arrival or departure of a major character?
Stoke Me a Clipper
Beyond a Joke

8. Which episode was a last-minute replacement for the almost-filmed Identity Within?
Duct Soup
Beyond a Joke

Guest Stars

9. Which of these actresses was not a Bennett sister?
Catherine Harvey
Julia Lloyd
Alina Procter
Nicky Leatherbarrow

10. Which old pal of Danny-John Jules played Epideme?
Charles Augins
Gary Martin
Rick Moranis
Wesley Snipes

11. Which of these actors did not play a German in Stoke Me a Clipper?
Ken Morley
Mark Carlisle
Kai Maurer
John Thompson

12. Which Red Dwarf guest star was doubled by costume designer Howard Burden?
Brian Cox
Don Henderson
Michael J. Shannon
Sarah Alexander

Deleted Moments

13. A cut moment from Blue showed the virtual Rimmer coping better than Lister at what task?
Biting toenails
Playing pool
Eating curry
Belching Yankee Doodle Dandy

14. What did the new Ace Rimmer do to avoid conscription to the army?
Swapped identities with a child
Put on a dress and worked as a florist
Cut off his leg
Aged himself 40 years

15. In a deleted scene from Epideme, Kochanski and Cat have a discussion about what?
Cat's fur coat
Kochanski's PVC trousers
Make-up tips
Leg waxing

16. In the later scenes of Nanarchy Holly's deleted scenes would have shown him doing what?
Telling the time
Reading the Junior Encyclopedia of Space
Spontaneously changing gender
Playing chess

Behind the Scenes

17. Who was brought in to Series VII at the last minute to provide additional Starbug effects shots?
Peter Wragg
Bill Pearson
Chris Veale
Weta Digital

18. Series VII was the first Red Dwarf series to have what?
A Grant Naylor logo
A change of cast
A guitar-based theme-tune
A same-week BBC2 repeat

19. Which of these writers did not work on Series VII?
Doug Naylor
Rob Grant
Kim Fuller
Paul Alexander

20. Chris Barrie appeared in how many episodes of Series VII?