Series III Quiz

Do you know your polymorphs from your mechanoids, your timeslides from your time holes? Prove it!

Series III Quiz

Select one answer for each question, then hand your results in to Holly for your score!


1. How does one pronounce 'bitter' in a backwards reality?

2. Which of these medical items did Lister not use during his meal in Polymorph?
Kidney bowls
Embryo refrigeration unit

3. Which fish did Kryten name when inadvertently describing Rimmer's mother?
Silly old trout
Ugly little halibut
Great rotting salmon
Un-smoked kipper

4. What colour is the Cat's party hat in The Last Day?
Red and yellow
Yellow and blue
Blue and green
Green and orange

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Smeggy

5. With whom did Rimmer have his first French kiss?
Cousin Sarah
Cousin Alice
Aunt Marie
Uncle Frank

6. How much saved cash does Rimmer have stashed in his trunk?

7. How many places did Kryten and Cat visit when looking for the missing Lister and Rimmer?
12 moons, 6 planets
16 moons, 5 planets
14 moons, 2 planets
10 moons, 3 planets

8. Which of these does Kryten not include in his list of mechanical life-forms who will end up in Silicon Heaven?

Wiring Faults

9. How long is Kryten given before his in-built expiry will shut him down?
Six weeks
Two days
24 hours
12 hours

10. Which circuit is Rimmer having re-routed at the start of Bodyswap?
Epsilon 14598 357
Gamma 17452 395
Theta 13401 963
Delta 18476 392

11. And how many wiring faults had the malfunctioning skutter caused?

12. What computer chip did Holly get Kryten for his farewell party?
5517/W13 alpha-sim modem
1517/7RF alpha-sim modem
1599/XRDP alpha-sim modem
7577/R13 alpha-sim modem

Deleted Moments

13. Who hosts the reverse-universe Opportunity Knocks?
Bob Esuohknom
Ybur Xaw
Yrret Nagow
Yaj Onel

14. What is the Cat's opening strip-poker bet?
Hand-stitched neck-tie
Silk boxer-shorts
Plush velvet glove
A fur-lined boot

15. Which of these games is not suggested by the Cat while playing table golf?
Unicycle polo
Wheelchair Jousting
Galactic Warriors
Biro darts

16. Where might one find Luigi's Fish 'n' Chip Emporium?
Parked by the home end of Liverpool football ground
Between The Dog's Danglies pub and the Pot Luck arcade
Outside the public lavatories, Liverpool town hall
Hole 14, Bootle Municipal Golf Course

Behind The Scenes

17. Who was originally lined up to play the TV host in Timeslides?
Ruby Wax
Norman Lovett
Graham Chapman
Alan Rickman

18. Which two cast members went 'walkabout' during the location shoot for Backwards?
Danny John-Jules and Craig Charles
Robert Llewellyn and Chris Barrie
Robert Llewellyn and Craig Charles
Danny John-Jules and Chris Barrie

19. Which crew member voiced the polymorph?
Mike Agnew
Ed Bye
Keith Mayes
Ed Wooden

20. From which TV series is Rimmer's uniform badge taken?
Dr Who
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Star Trek