Series I Quiz

Here's hoping you paid attention while watching the new DVD...

Series I Quiz

Select one answer for each question, then hand your results in to Holly for your score!

Fresh From Stasis

1. How many times does Holly inform Lister of the crew's deaths with the phrase 'everybody's dead, Dave'?

2. What are the names of Lister's goldfish?
Pinky and Perky
Bob and Madge
Lennon and McCartney
Sodom and Gomorrah

3. Where does Rimmer hide his diary?
In the A-Z of Red Dwarf
In his sock suspender drawer
In his tool kit
With the hidden hologram discs

4. How many words had Lister shared with Kochanski before her death?

Getting Catty

5. How many orders of 'fish' does the Cat get from the vending machine in Balance of Power?

6. What colour hats did Lister think should be worn in his donut diner on Fiji?

7. What does the Cat offer to leave behind in order to get a third suit into storage?
His arm
His leg
His silk handkerchief
His steam iron

8. How many uses does the Cat find for his yo-yo?

All About Holly

9. Which was the first episode to be introduced by Holly?
The End
Future Echoes
Balance of Power

10. Who is Holly's face allegedly based upon?
His designer
The greatest lover who ever lived
Karl Malden
Sir Clive Sinclair

11. According to Holly, what is the worst book ever written?
Biggles Learns To Fly
Intergalactic Space Travel For Dummies
The Junior Encyclopaedia of Space
Football - It's a Funny Old Game

12. Which of these phrases does Holly not use in Series I?
Everybody's dead, Dave
We're talking April, May, June, July and August fool
Me bottle's gone
Gordon Bennett!

Deleted Moments

13. Which of these was a hobby of Rimmer's before he died?
Bottom Bumping
Bra Snapping
Elbow Titting
Knicker Nicking

14. What does the button on Kochanski's console do every time Lister presses it?
Activates the self-destruct
Erases her navigation database
Switches off her desk light
Lowers her seat

15. What cat device is discussed in a deleted moment from Confidence and Paranoia?
A body-hair dryer
A man-sized trouser press
A giant mechanical tongue
A litter tray cleaner

16. What does Petersen do every time he gets drunk?
Dances like a lunatic
Gets a new tattoo
Hallucinates a dancing pig
Vomits on his shirt

Behind The Scenes

17. Which of these Hollywood actors was not considered for a role in Red Dwarf?
Alan Rickman
Alfred Molina
Joanne Whalley
Jeremy Irons

18. Which characters caused trouble on set when the actors wouldn't stop crying?
Confidence and Paranoia
Rimmer and Lister
Jim and Bexley
Bob and Madge

19. Which regular cast member also voiced the male role in Lister's soap opera?
Chris Barrie
Craig Charles
Danny John-Jules
Norman Lovett

20. Which of these actors from Series I was unable to reprise their role in Series VIII?
Mac McDonald
David Gillespie
Paul Bradley
Robert Bathurst