Rimmer Quiz

Harder than the astro-navigation exam. Become an expert in Rimmerology with our online quiz.

Rimmer Quiz

Select one answer for each question, then hand your results in to Holly for your score!

Rimmer's Mind - Expect Sickness

1. Which of these is NOT a gravestone on Rimmer's psi-moon?
Sex Appeal

2. How do we know the leader of Rimmerworld is barbaric?
He has white wine with his cold human ashes
He has outlawed bravery
His handmaidens are clones of himself
He wears an H despite not being a hologram

3. Who created the holovirus that drove Rimmer mad?
Dr Hildegard Lanstrom
Professor Mamet
Mr Flibble

4. Rimmer has his Risk games committed to memory. What happened in the titanic battle against Caldicott after his opponent threw a 3 and a 2?
Rimmer threw a 5 and a 1
Rimmer threw a 4 and a 3
Rimmer threw a 6 and a 3
Rimmer shoved the dice up Caldicott's nose

My Bestest Ever Pal

5. What about Rimmer's pet lemming caused him to cry?
It ruined his helicopter wallpaper
It wouldn't jump off its little wall
It was found dead in his jeep
It wouldn't eat Rimmer's cooking

6. Fresh from Deep Sleep, who did Lister think Rimmer was?
His boss
His arch enemy
His boyfriend
His best mate

7. How did Kochanski pronounce 'Rimmer'?
To rhyme with 'veneer'
To rhyme with 'scum'
Without the R's at the front and back
To make it sound like a lavatory disinfectant

8. What was Rimmer's nickname at school?
Arnie No-Mates

Up The Ziggurat

9. Which items are not permitted in an astro-navigation exam?
Protractor and hole reinforcers
Marker pens and pale thighs
Learning drugs and Holly watches
Modems and speaking slide rules

10. What was the acronym Rimmer gave to his plan for career advancement?

11. What did Rimmer write 400 times on his exam paper?
Smoke me a kipper
I am a fish
I'm gonna eat you little fishie
Hollister's a gimp

12. How did Rimmer attempt to ruin Lister's exam?
By fixing the results
By attacking him with hex-vision
By tying his dreadlocks to the bed
By appearing in Kochanski's body

Smoke Me A Kipper

13. Ace's lunch on Mellie featured which popular topping?
Maple syrup
Brown ketchup

14. Which limb did Ace break when landing to rescue Starbug and its crew?
Left leg
Right leg
Left arm
Right arm

15. Ace believes that Duane Dibbley is so geeky that?
He couldn't even get into a science fiction convention
He could open beer bottles with his overbite
He is the Duke of Dork
He couldn't even be a website co-ordinator

16. In which dimension did the original Ace Rimmer die at the business end of a neutron tank?
Dimension 182
Dimension 169
Dimension 181
Dimension 165

Space Corps Directives

17. Which directive involves a live chicken and a rabbi?

18. What is Space Corps Directive 1742?
Terraformers are expressly forbidden from recreating Swindon
No member of the Corps should report to work in a ginger toupee
No officer with false teeth should attempt oral sex in zero gravity
Any officer caught sniffing the saddle of the exercise bicycle in the women's gym will be discharged without trial

19. Which directive insists that all nations attending a conference are allocated only one parking space?

20. What is Article 497?
Back-up computers must be replaced if the crew is endangered
All food consumed by crew members must be paid for
Work performed by a doppelganger in an alternate reality cannot be counted as overtime
A damning exposé of the dental floss industry