Radio Show Quiz II

Time to test your mettle on the Better Than Life audiobook.

Radio Show Quiz II

Select one answer for each question, then hand your results in to Holly for your score!

Still In The Game

1. Which of these was not a guest on Rimmer's stag night?
John F. Kennedy
Vincent Van Gogh
Winston Churchill
Elvis Presley

2. According to the sign Rimmer runs over with a truck, what was the population of Bedford Falls?

3. What sport has become the Cat's favourite game inside Better Than Life?
Valkyrie hunting
Creature polo
String teasing

4. What is the name of Rimmer's new fiancée?


5. What is the name of the body Rimmer ends up in during his escape from reality?
Trixie LaBouche
Tracy Sein
Nancy Derriere
Irma La Douce

6. After the intelligence compression, what is Holly's new and improved IQ?

7. What are the names of the criminals Rimmer joins up with in the escape from soundwave prison?
Jimmy & Ian
Jimmy & Tonto
Tonto & Silver
Tony & Gordon

8. What group do Cat's valkyries organise?
Valkyrie Armour-Polishing Organisation
Valkyrie Breast-Enhancement Association
Valkyrie Sex-Slave Liberation Movement
Valkyrie Seduction Society

Getting Back To Reality

9. Why is Rimmer unable to leave Better Than Life?
Because he's in the wrong body
Because his psyche hates him
Because the game has a bug
Because the crew all have to leave the game together

10. How does Lister test whether he has returned to reality?
By repeatedly dropping his marmalade on toast
By checking the TV guide
By examining his penis
By drinking heavily

11. What is the name of Better Than Life's creator?
Terrence McWeeny
Boris Niggleson
Dennis McBean
Harris Tweed

12. What is the only sound Kryten can hear on the silent Red Dwarf ship?
A cockroach trapped inside a vending machine
An overweight, asthmatic beetle trying to climb up a wall
A seven-legged spider with a cold
A confused bluebottle trying to impress a cake crumb

Space Stuff

13. How long does the 'planet pool' event take?
8 seconds
8 minutes
8 hours
8 days

14. What is Lister forced to eat while stranded on the ice planet?
Dog food
Cat food
Pop Tarts
Cinema hot dogs

15. What causes the time dilation effect on board Red Dwarf?
Nuclear radiation
A black hole
A passing planet
Magic mushrooms

16. Who comes up with the plan to escape the event horizon?
Talkie Toaster

Earths In Various Forms

17. What is the name of the sewage-dumping driver who marks Earth's surface with his effluent graffiti?
James Eve
Dave Wane
Tim Slim
John Ewe

18. Where does Lister find temporary shelter during the thaw on the ice planet?
Mount Rushmore
The Grand Canyon
Ayres Rock
Mount Etna

19. How long does Lister spend farming on Garbage World?
28 years
34 years
39 years
47 years

20. How is Lister un-killed when he awakes on the backwards Earth?
A stroke
A gunshot
A heart attack
A stabbing