Behind the Scenes Quiz - Part One

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has joined us for Quarantine Commentaries these last few months. To mark the end of the series, let's see how much you were paying attention in our series I-III behind the scenes quiz.

Behind the Scenes Quiz - Part One

Select one answer for each question, then hand your results in to Holly for your score!

Series I

1. Which BBC producer commissioned Red Dwarf?
Peter Ridsdale-Scott
Gareth Gwenlan
Janet Street-Porter
Kenith Trodd

2. Which of the following actors did not audition for Rimmer?
Brian Cox
Alan Rickman
Alfred Molina
Hugh Laurie

3. In which city was series one recorded?

4. Which comedy series, written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, included the sketch that is considered to be the origin of Red Dwarf, Dave Hollins: Space Cadet?
Spitting Image
Son of Cliché
I, Camcorder
The 10%ers

5. What BBC department's strike almost ended the production of series one?

6. Who was the lighting director for series one?
Andy Martin
John Pomphrey
Peter Morgan
Ed Moore

7. Due to music clearance issues, which song replaces 'See You Later Alligator' on streaming services in The End?
All Together Now
We're On The Ball
Here We Go

Series II

8. When CP Grogan was unavailable due to a scheduling error, who played Kochanski in the closing scene of Stasis Leak?
Make Up Designer Bethan Jones
Assistant Floor Manager Donna DiStefano
Production Team Member Helen Campbell
Lighting Director Trish King

9. Who played The Dog in Parallel Universe?
Matthew Devitt
Gordon Salkilld
John Abineri
David Gillespie

10. What was the first episode to be broadcast that featured location footage?
Stasis Leak
Better Than Life
Parallel Universe

11. Which hotel was used to record the interiors for the fantasy restaurant in Better Than Life?
The Midland
Sacha's Hotel
Hotel Indigo
The Holiday Inn

12. Who was the first actor to play Kryten?
John Lenahan
Robert Llewellyn
David Ross
Lee Cornes

13. Who choreographed the dance routines for Tongue Tied in Parallel Universe?
Danny John-Jules
Charles Augins
Ed Bye
Wayne Sleep

14. During the filming of which episode was Craig Charles called away due to the birth of his son?
Thanks for the Memory
Stasis Leak
Parallel Universe
Better Than Life

Series III

15. Ultimately played by Gordon Kennedy, who was originally approached to play Hudzen 10?
Clive Owen
Rutger Hauer
Martin Kemp
Ewan McGregor

16. Due to the complex logistics involved, the team decided to shoot which episode of series three without a live studio audience?

17. Which production team member appeared in the pub fight scene in Backwards?
Production Manager Mike Agnew
Costume Designer Howard Burden
Assistant Producer Gilly Archer
Visual Effects Designer Peter Wragg

18. Which episode was shot using hand-held cameras?

19. Who was originally cast to play Ruby Wax's character, Blaize Falconburger, in Timeslides?
Rik Mayall
Helen Lederer
Graham Chapman
Morwenna Banks

20. Which episode was written to replace the abandoned episode, Dad?
The Last Day