Back To Earth Quiz

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Back To Earth Quiz

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Katerina Bartikovsky

1. What component allows Katerina to create a dimension cutter?
Squid tentacle
Laser bone-saw
Holly hop drive
Goat vindaloo

2. What was Katerina's assessment of Rimmer's status?
'Total pants'
'Bit crap'
'Utter Weasel'
'Smeg head'

3. How long does Katerina give Rimmer before his deactivation?
6 hours
12 hours
24 hours
48 hours

4. How does Katerina die?
Her hologram is deactivated
Her light-bee is detonated in space
She jumps off a building
She is pushed under a car

I Never Meta Fiction I Didn't Like

5. Which Blade Runner character is not spoofed in Back to Earth?
J F Sebastian

6. What sitcom location does Rimmer suggest for his character?
A leisure centre
A biscuit factory
A football club
An office

7. What TV channel is mistakenly assumed to be named after a character?

8. What is the name of the character who dismisses science fiction as '"bollocks"?
The Creator
Mike Mellington

All In The Details

9. What book does Rimmer read in the sleeping quarters?
Astro-Navigation For Idiots
Astro-Engineering For Dummies
Space Corps Directives For Gimps
Fascist Dictators For Bozos

10. On what date does the Director's Cut show the Back to Earth DVD being released?
June 12th
June 15th
June 17th
June 21st

11. Which Space Corps Directive prevents the Dwarfers from being given contact details for the Red Dwarf cast and crew?

12. How many pieces of popcorn do the Dwarfers recover from down the back of sofas in the department store?

Location, Location, Location

13. On what deck was Kryten's vacation broom cupboard located?
G Deck
B Deck
Z Deck
V Deck

14. What is the postal address for Nose World?
2 Lumpton Street
4 Nundah Street
6 Queensway Avenue
8 Shepperton Close

15. What is the name of the science fiction shop run by Noddy?
They Live
All Your Comics Are Belong To Us
They Walk Among Us
Not The Simpsons' One

16. What does it say on the memorial stone in the remembrance garden?
"Mind that bus, what bus, splat"
"To those we've lost, in our hearts forever"
"Never forget where you're coming from"
"Death is the path to awe"

Behind The Scenes

17. Name the actress who played Katerina Bartikovsky.
Chloë Annett
Karen Admiraal
Sophie Winkleman
Nina Southworth

18. Which former crew member's picture appears in the remembrance garden?
Mel Bibby
Dona DiStephano
John Pomphrey
Paul Montague

19. Which shot sequence was notably 'flipped' in post-production?
The leviathan attack
The dimension crossing
The arrival on Coronation Street
The crew's execution

20. Lister's leather jacket in Back to Earth originally appeared in which series?
Series I