25th Anniversary Quiz

Test your knowledge on every year of Red Dwarf's first quarter-century!

25th Anniversary Quiz

Select one answer for each question, then hand your results in to Holly for your score!

1. 1988: Red Dwarf first aired on BBC2 on 15th February 1988. But at what time did the episode start?

2. 1989: In which British city were the exterior scenes for Backwards filmed?

3. 1990: The second Red Dwarf novel, Better Than Life, was the first to feature material that would later be adapted into the TV series, rather than vice versWhich subsequent episode drew heavily from the book's second part, titled She Rides?
White Hole
Dimension Jump

4. 1991: Which Series IV guest star was Robert Llewellyn's then-girlfriend (now wife)?
Suzanne Rhatigan
Judy Pascoe
Francesca Folan
Pauline Bailey

5. 1992: Which famous sitcom would later be created by Linwood Boomer, the producer of this year's ill-fated Red Dwarf USA pilot?
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Two and a Half Men
Malcolm in the Middle
Arrested Development

6. 1993: The script for which episode was published in the book Primordial Soup in Spring of this year, around six months before its actual broadcast?
Gunmen of the Apocalypse

7. 1994: According to the Smeg Ups video, released this year, what was "The Most Asked Question About Red Dwarf"?
"What are the lyrics to the theme tune?"
"Why has Lister had his appendix out twice?"
"In Marooned, did Lister really eat dog food, or was it something else?"
"In the Smeg Ups tape, why were there eleven Most Asked Questions About Red Dwarf, and not ten as promised?"

8. 1995: In the novel Last Human, choosing which element of the Jhjghjiuyhu legal system on Aaranguu 12 results in the tripling of Lister's prison sentence?
The fourth sand of D'Aquaarar
The seventh branch of O'pphjytere
Hurling his soul on the great fire of N'mjiuyhyes
The fourteenth twig of Reketrebn

9. 1996: Which of the following is not the name of an agonoid in the novel Backwards?
Noh-Varr Annty
M'Aiden Ty-One

10. 1997: Which two episodes of Red Dwarf VII were broadcast, unusually, without a full opening titles sequence?
Ouroboros and Duct Soup
Tikka to Ride and Stoke Me A Clipper
Stoke Me A Clipper and Ouroboros
Tikka to Ride and Duct Soup

11. 1998: Which of the following celebrities was not involved in the tenth-anniversary-celebrating Red Dwarf Night on BBC2?
Stephen Hawking
Patrick Stewart
Ainsley Harriott
Jeremy Paxman

12. 1999: What was the reason given for why Petersen didn't appear onscreen in Series VIII alongside Selby and Chen?
He was in prison
He was drunk
He was in the MediBay
He was in Harry Potter

13. 2000: was launched this year. But in which month did the new site go live?

14. 2001: What was the name of the butler played by Chris Barrie in the film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider?

15. 2002: What was the title of the short making-of documentary featured on the original Series I DVD released in November of this year?
Launching Red Dwarf
The Beginning
The Saga Begins
Year One

16. 2003: Which Craig Charles-hosted game show moved from BBC2 to Channel Five for its seventh and final series late in this year?
Robot Wars
Space Cadets
Takeshi's Castle

17. 2004: Which famous toy company released die-cast models of Red Dwarf and Starbug this year?

18. 2005: What was the name of the short-lived mobile video format upon which three episodes of Red Dwarf were an experimental release?
Rok Player
Total Immersion Video

19. 2006: Which Red Dwarf character served as the host of the Beat the Geek DVD quiz game?
Duane Dibbley

20. 2007: Footage of Rob and Doug on which TV show was included on The Bodysnatcher Collection under the title "The Most Embarrassing Interview in the Universe Ever"?
Daytime UK
This Morning
Pebble Mill At One
Loose Women

21. 2008: Which popular science book was parodied on the cover of the 2009 Red Dwarf calendar (released in 2008)?
The Selfish Gene
A Short History of Nearly Everything
A Brief History of Time
The Naked Ape

22. 2009: Which magazine produced a special edition cover that was featured in, and also released as a hugely limited-edition promotional item for, Back to Earth?
Total Cult

23. 2010: Which university gave Chris Barrie an honorary degree this year, in recognition of his work in bringing the world of engineering to the public?

24. 2011: Upon which stage at Shepperton Studios did filming for Red Dwarf X get underway in December of this year?
C Stage
F Stage
K Stage
L Stage

25. 2012: Which of the following Series X guest cast members was not playing a member of the Rimmer family?
Mark Dexter
Simon Treves
Philip Labey
James Baxter