Dimension Jump IX

What Is It?

Try explaining the ninth official Red Dwarf Weekend to a GELF and he'll look at you like you're speaking... well, not GELF, anyway. Then he'll probably try to turn you inside out and convert you into a sofa.

Dimension Jump is the infant child of two of the organisers wearing a shirt that says "Why are you so big?" on the front, and, "And why do I suddenly feel like a Vimto?" on the back.

Dimension Jump is a group of female fans handing out carrots because of a line Chris Barrie once had in the third series of Blackadder when referring to the diminutive size of his genitalia.

Dimension Jump is the club team making their entrance this year in white lab coats, Dibbley teeth and black mop-head wigs to the tune of 'Little Green Bag'.

Dimension Jump is the most fun you can have in a hotel without booking an additional person for 'services'. It's why nearly 300 fans flocked to the Royal Court Hotel in Coventry on March 22-24. And it's the only place Mr Flibble gets the celebrity recognition he deserves.

With thanks to the whole DJ:IX team: Jane, Kev, Den, Caz, Jenny, Ruth, Faye, Rory, Helen (and baby Morgan) & Becky.