Dimension Jump XVIII

by Pete Dillon-Trenchard

Coming of Age

Eighteen is a significant number. It's the age when you can legally do just about everything you've been doing since you were fifteen. It's the IQ of 18 PE teachers. And, as of 1st May 2015, it's the number of Dimension Jump conventions organised by the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club. Dimension Jump is the one weekend during which Dwarfers from all over the world can really let their fan side out and go wild - obviously within certain sensible, preset parameters.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves - things don't get truly raucous until around hour 27. Just as every journey starts with a row about directions, every Dimension Jump starts with a Friday night...

With thanks as ever to the fan club team: James, Jo, Carrie, Cappsy, Jez, Alex, Danny, Joey, Shelley and Mick; and weekend volunteers Ian, Helen, Kiran, Tom, Mark, Neil, Rachel, Rosie and Melissa. Photography by Darren Ord, Simon Peel and Tom Pyott.