Dimension Jump XVII

by Seb Patrick

The Beginning

In twenty-one years since the first Dimension Jump convention, it's impressive on its own terms that the fan club have managed to put on a further sixteen events - but even more so when you consider that in only a handful of those years has there even been a series of Red Dwarf either on the air or in production.

As great as many of the events in the "off years" have been, however, there's something truly special about a convention when Dwarf is actually an ongoing concern. The 2009 convention, just a few months after the broadcast of Back to Earth, was the biggest and most spectacular since the famous 1998 event. But advance ticket sales for the first post-Series X event were even higher - meaning that DJ XVII played host to nearly 400 visiting fans. Crikey.

A plethora of DJ traditions have come and gone over the preceding two decades, but one constant remains: we kick off, as is only right and proper, on Friday night...

With thanks as ever to the fan club team: James, Jo, Jez, Carrie, Alex, Liam and Cappsy; and weekend volunteers Helen, Kiran, Ian, Danny, Joey and Mark. Photography by Simon Peel and Tom Pyott.