Dimension Jump XI

Things I Have Learned

Returning home with larger bags under the eyes than were carried to the event, it is with an ice-pack on the head and fizzy stuff in a glass that we begin our report on Dimension Jump XI. Held over the weekend of June 11th to June 13th, deep in the lovely locale of Bedford, it was another unforgettable time, brought to you by the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club.

Firstly, though, here is a list of things I have learned from this most recent event:

The days of being able to credibly enter a costume competition in something you knocked-up the night before are long, long, long gone.

When I get up on stage people no longer ask how I got past security.

You can't leave the website unattended for one lousy weekend without the webboard going down. (Sorry about that.)

Doug Naylor is willing to humiliate me in a public statement for the sake of a good joke.

The Series VI DVD documentary is pretty damn funny.

Chris Barrie thinks I have a MacGyver-esque ability to fix technical equipment with just string and chewing-gum.

I can't remember all the words to Monty Python's Medical Love Song once I'm past my fifth pint.

And it all began on Friday night, with the club team arriving in-character as an army of peacenik Rimmers...

With never-ending thanks to Jane, Kev, Jenny, Kaz, Sharon, Deb, Dave, Rory and Helen. It's all down to them folks!