Dimension Jump X

Here We Go Again

You cannot believe the idiotic buzz Dimension Jump generates in anyone who attends. And it's not just the fans - cast (old and new), organisers and even Grant Naylor-based hangers-on with glove puppets are all swept up by the atmosphere.

Or it could just be the raw onion on the cornflakes.

From Friday, April 4th until Sunday, April 6th 2003, the Royal Court Hotel, Coventry once again played host to the strangest two and a half days of your life (please calculate additional strangeness if you have attended more than once). And having provided the venue last year too, they can't say they didn't know what was coming...

What was came, by the way, were hundreds of fans, ten guests, and a bar tab that rivalled the gross national product of a small country.

But it all started when all nine members of the Fan Club team (including toddler Morgan) kicked things off dressed as High-Dwarf monks. Silly? Of course - but it certainly set the tone for the rest of Friday night.

With thanks to the entire Fan Club team - Jenny, Caz, Rory, Helen (and Morgan), Debbie and Sharon (and their generous partners), and especially to Amazing Jane and Kev.