Fan Club Membership

Fan Club details are listed below - for details on the Dimension Jump convention, click the link above.

TORDFC logo Back To Reality magazine

Membership in The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club costs just £15, and is open to Red Dwarf fans worldwide. But what do you get if you join?

  • 4 PDF issues of Back to Reality, the club's magazine.
  • Psi-Scan, the club's monthly e-newsletter.
  • Full access to the club's BTLi Forums and chatroom.
  • Access to the Members area on the fan club website, which currently includes previous PDF issues of BTR, as well as a growing back catalogue of the club's previous magazine, Better Than Life.
  • Future access to member exclusive content.
  • Members Only competitions - Fabulous prizes to be won!
  • A discount on the registration fee to the club's Dimension Jump weekend.

Head on over to the TORDFC website to sign up!

While Grant Naylor Productions fully support the Official Fan Club and Dimension Jump weekend, they are stand alone entities in which we have neither a shareholding or common directors. Nor is there any form of legal partnership. Enquires can be directed to the club at