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White Hole

Series IV, Episode 4
Recorded: 13.12.1990, Shepperton Studios
First Broadcast: 07.03.1991 (BBC 2)
VHS Release: 02.11.1992 (BBCV 4848)
DVD Release: 16.02.2004 (BBCDVD 1307)
Blu-ray Release: 14.01.2019 (BBCBD 0441)

White Hole

Written by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
Directed by Ed Bye


Holly regains her genius level IQ and for reasons best known to herself powers down the ship, leaving the crew drifting helplessly towards a White Hole. Will Rimmer sacrifice his hologramatic life to save the rest of the crew?


Chris Barrie (Rimmer), Craig Charles (Lister), Danny John-Jules (Cat), Hattie Hayridge (Holly), Robert Llewellyn (Kryten), David Ross (Talkie Toaster)

Did You Know?

This is the only episode of Red Dwarf to be based on material that debuted in the novels, rather than the other way around, with the plot being drawn from the wider "Garbage World" sequence in the Better than Life book.

The Aigburth Arms is referenced for the first time in this episode - although at this point it's not mentioned as being the pub that Lister was found in as a baby, as it later would be, it's simply where he liked to play pool. The "Eggy" was a real-life pub in Liverpool frequented by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor while at university - and while it was renamed The Victoria in 2008, a plaque at the venue declares it as "the birthplace of Red Dwarf".

Talkie Toaster is, of course, voiced by David Ross, who had originally played Kryten in Series II. Ross, who replaced John Lenahan in this new role, would reprise it in Series XII's Mechocracy.

Paul Jackson stood in as (uncredited) director for the studio recording night, due to Ed Bye having to attend the birth of his second child.

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