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Series XII, Episode 1
Recorded: 09.03.2016, Pinewood Studios
First Broadcast: 16.11.2017 (Dave)
VHS Release: N/A
DVD Release: 20.11.2017 (2EDVD 0949)
Blu-ray Release: 20.11.2017 (2EBD0401)


Written by Doug Naylor
Directed by Doug Naylor


Rimmer gets hold of a Quantum skipper and skips his way across the multi-verse looking for a dimension where he's not such a giant loser.

Main Cast

Chris Barrie (Rimmer), Craig Charles (Lister), Danny John-Jules (Cat), Robert Llewellyn (Kryten)

Guest Cast

Norman Lovett (Holly), Mac McDonald (Captain Hollister), Richard Brimblecombe (Bradley), Tina Harris (Parkinson), Hayley-Marie Axe (Calm Woman (Voice))

Did You Know?

Originally filmed under the working title "Star Knot".

Norman Lovett and Mac McDonald make their first appearances on the show since 1999's Series VIII. Mac's scenes were a pre-record played in to the audience, but Norman was present on the set for his dialogue with Rimmer.

This was the first Red Dwarf episode to have its audience filming night take place on a Wednesday rather than the usual Friday - the recording was pushed backwards due to the knock-on effect of cast illness earlier in the series.

To match up with the Series I-II-style bunkroom set at the end of the episode, the last external shot seen of Red Dwarf is footage of the original model from the earlier series rather than the newer version.

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