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Playing Pool With Planets

Red Dwarf: The First Three Million Years, Episode 1
First Broadcast: 20.08.2020 (Dave)
VHS Release: N/A
DVD Release: N/A
Blu-ray Release: N/A

Playing Pool With Planets

Directed by Richard Ward


Playing Pool with Planets analyses the real and invented science that has made Red Dwarf truly unique for over thirty-two years. Featuring TV science presenter Dallas Campbell, co-creator and writer Doug Naylor as well as Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn, the episode looks back at some of the unusual and inventive plots, props and stories, including human 3D printers, Talkie Toaster, virtual reality and proto-Alexas. The series concludes with a look at Red Dwarf fandom and asks the cast just what the experience has meant to them over the years.

Did You Know?

Due to the restrictions in place from Covid 19, Doug Naylor recorded his original interview footage at home, using a green screen.

While Red Dwarf is technically named after a star, the name was favoured because the initials R and D were also the initials of writers Rob and Doug.

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