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Parallel Universe

Series II, Episode 6
Recorded: 04.10.1988, BBC Manchester
First Broadcast: 11.10.1988 (BBC 2)
VHS Release: 02.03.1992 (BBCV 4750)
DVD Release: 10.02.2003 (BBCDVD 1118)
Blu-ray Release: 14.01.2019 (BBCBD 0441)

Parallel Universe

Written by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
Directed by Ed Bye


Climb aboard Holly's new "hop drive" and journey into a parallel universe where everything exists exactly the same but opposite. Imagine the horror of a female Rimmer and a pregnant Lister...


Chris Barrie (Rimmer), Craig Charles (Lister), Danny John-Jules (Cat), Norman Lovett (Holly), Suzanne Bertish (Ms Rimmer), Angela Bruce (Ms Lister), Matthew Devitt (The Dog), Hattie Hayridge (Hilly)

Did You Know?

Due to the removal of the usual opening titles for the "Tongue Tied" dream sequence, the initial broadcast of this episode did not show its title onscreen - although it was added in for the later home releases.

Danny John-Jules later released a re-recorded version of "Tongue Tied" as a single, reaching #17 in the UK charts in October 1993. The single was accompanied by an elaborate video featuring the rest of the main Red Dwarf cast.

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