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Series II, Episode 1
Recorded: 19.06.1988, BBC Manchester
First Broadcast: 06.09.1988 (BBC 2)
VHS Release: 02.03.1992 (BBCV 4749)
DVD Release: 10.02.2003 (BBCDVD 1118)
Blu-ray Release: 14.01.2019 (BBCBD 0441)


Written by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
Directed by Ed Bye


Rimmer's donned his best uniform and Lister's put on his smelly orange moon boots, even Holly's wearing a toupee... after all, what self respecting smeg head could possibly resist a cry for help from three damsels and an android in distress?


Chris Barrie (Rimmer), Craig Charles (Lister), Danny John-Jules (Cat), Norman Lovett (Holly), David Ross (Kryten), Johanna Hargreaves (The Esperanto Woman), Tony Slattery (Android Actor)

Did You Know?

The titular android - originally intended only as a one-off character - was named after the butler in J.M. Barrie's 1902 play The Admirable Chrichton. Crichton was memorably played by Kenneth More in a 1957 film adaptation.

To preserve the surprise of the skeletons reveal, the Nova 5 ship set was hidden from the audience by a curtain. Unfortunately, the curtain was inadvertently pulled before the cameras rolled - a mistake that earned the ire of producer Paul Jackson!

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