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Series IV, Episode 2
Recorded: 20.12.1990, Shepperton Studios
First Broadcast: 21.02.1991 (BBC 2)
VHS Release: 05.10.1992 (BBCV 4847)
DVD Release: 16.02.2004 (BBCDVD 1307)
Blu-ray Release: 14.01.2019 (BBCBD 0441)


Written by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
Directed by Ed Bye


The crew lock on to an unidentified craft containing the ultimate genetic engineering technology - a machine that can transform any living thing into any other living thing, by re-writing its DNA. A blessing or a curse? Then Lister's curry finds its way into the transmogrifier and assumes near-human form.


Chris Barrie (Rimmer), Craig Charles (Lister), Danny John-Jules (Cat), Hattie Hayridge (Holly), Robert Llewellyn (Kryten), Richard Ridings (DNA Computer Voice)

Did You Know?

Originally titled Do Not Alter, this episode's title was shortened prior to broadcast. The title is shown onscreen with full stops between the letters, but in all official materials since has been displayed without, reflecting how the word is usually written.

DNA is the first episode to confirm the Series IV-onwards retcon (inspired by the novels) of Lister having actually been in a relationship (and broken up) with Kochanski prior to the accident.

The Northern-accented Spare Head Three was based on a routine Robert Llewellyn used to improvise during breaks in filming.

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