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Back to Earth at Ten

12 April, 2019

Celebrating a decade since the Dave revival began!

Japan Goes Blu

5 April, 2019

New Series I-VIII boxset, plus Series XI and XII, coming soon!

Now (TV)... That’s All I Can Remember

29 March, 2019

Red Dwarf boxsets coming to Sky's on-demand services.

Disc Fix On The Way

22 March, 2019

New pressing to correct error identified on the Red Dwarf I-VIII set.

It’s A Pod

22 March, 2019

Red Dwarf novels get the Rule of Three podcast treatment.

Back to the Early Days

15 March, 2019

Guardian feature looks at Red Dwarf's journey off the ground.

Still Curry-azy After All These Years

15 March, 2019

A mysterious gathering for the gang...

Dimension: Jumped

8 March, 2019

Next year's fan club convention sells out in record time...

Con-tinuing Adventures

1 March, 2019

Catch Red Dwarf stars and guests on the sci-fi convention circuit...

Gigging With Craig

22 February, 2019

He plays both kinds of music - funk and soul...

Twenty VIII

15 February, 2019

Happy 20th birthday to Back in the Red et al...

Norman Czechs In

8 February, 2019

Live Red Dwarf screening and standup set in Prague!

Tickets To The Nether Regions

8 February, 2019

Watch Rob Grant's new show get recorded!

DJXXI? 2020

1 February, 2019

The Fan Club convention sets a date.

Just The FAQs

25 January, 2019

Your questions, newly answered and updated!

Cover Story

18 January, 2019

Looking back at Red Dwarf's home release art.

Blu-ray Landing

11 January, 2019

The complete Series I-VIII in one high-definition boxset!

Eight Extras

4 January, 2019

Digging through the best finds in the new collected boxset.

2018 - The Year In Dwarf

28 December, 2018

Running back through Red Dwarf's anniversary year.

Stand Up With Norman

21 December, 2018

January event to include live Red Dwarf screening.