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Funky Winter Scene

20 September, 2019

Gigging with Craig, up to and including Christmas!

Norman’s DJing

13 September, 2019

First guest announced for the 2020 Fan Club shindig!

Convention-al Wisdom

6 September, 2019

Keep tabs on the Dwarfers for the rest of 2019...

The Quanderhorn Recurrence

6 September, 2019

Rob's sitcom back on Radio 4.

Web Dwarf III

30 August, 2019

Our latest spin through Red Dwarf's online universe...

More Quote Quizzing

23 August, 2019

Try your hand at our latest Smegging Difficult Quiz...

DJXXI Gets Logoed Up

16 August, 2019

Competition-winning entries picked!

Danny On Tour

9 August, 2019

I've Gotta Be Me kicks off next month!

Three Million (TV) Years

2 August, 2019

Red Dwarf featured in upcoming TV magazine!

Japan’s Bumper Blu Box

26 July, 2019

New Series I-VIII set out shortly!

Blu-ray Disc Replacements

19 July, 2019

Corrected discs now going out to customers!

Red Demand

19 July, 2019

All the places you can find Red Dwarf to stream and download.

Stellar Rescue

12 July, 2019

Red Dwarf teams up with the AA for new ad campaign!

Landing In Japan

5 July, 2019

Series XI and XII Blu-ray and DVD sets now available!

Blu-ray Discs Update

28 June, 2019

Replacement corrected discs on the way imminently.

Summer Funk

28 June, 2019

Gigs and festivals on the horizon for Craig.

Web Dwarf II

21 June, 2019

Some more of the best Dwarfy finds on social media!

Like A Midlife Cowboy

14 June, 2019

Tony Hawks' new comedy musical coming soon - plus a new book out!

Compete by Design

7 June, 2019

Could your logo design grace Dimension Jump XXI?

Location, Location, Locations

31 May, 2019

A history of Red Dwarf going out and about.